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We help businesses navigate new business acquisition with ease. Generating a consistent flow of warm, qualified leads to ensure a healthy and growing sales pipeline.

Our Philosophy:

No fluffy, ego-driven numbers focused around reach & engagement. At Pulse, our focus is first and foremost on your Return On Investment. Marketing should never be “like a box of chocolates”, it should be like a vending machine, where you know exactly what you will get.

With a focus on the key data surrounding your campaign, we learn, pivot and develop the most effective strategies to generate you a consistent flow of warm, qualified leads to grow your business.

Our campaigns come with a guarantee of 4X Return On Investment.

Who we’ve worked with:

What Our Clients Say:

Alex’s team at Pulse Enterprise have been part of The Bute Group’s lead generation strategy for some while now. Within 4 months of working with them I have seen a great ROI. Having a team cover our lead generation means we can focus our time on sales and delivery, which is where our time is best spent. I’d recommend Pulse to any business looking to expand their sales reach.

Margo Manning

I started working with Pulse Enterprise with the objective of growing my business with higher paying clients in industries I can help most. I’ve been delighted with the results so far. I’ve been put in front of people and businesses that without Pulse, I wouldn’t be in front of. They’ve been target market individuals who want to engage with me. Within the first few months I had signed 3 clients, had a great sales pipeline and most importantly ROI of several thousand %.

As long as Pulse continues to produce these results, I’ll be working with them. My advice to anyone considering using them to grow their business would be simple; you’d be glad you did it, give it a try.

John Nieuwenburg

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